Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shags and cormorants

Someone sent me a comment with regards to my last published junk. Don't try to be smart and guess who it was from but I have to say the response was as expected, quick and well thought through and worth it.

I'd love to write something about those darling black little sea birds who has the unfortunate displeasure of such a four-five letter name. A word that stands not nearly in the shadow of other four-five letter words, of which sometimes gets grossly exaggerated, over-used and more than verbally abused. Perhaps I should think of an anogram to publish with my next letter, but not today.

So I hope to have something intelligent to say about caves and shags when my next addi(c)tion appears here on screen.

Ah, just had my IQ tested yesterday...when last was yours done?

Sincere greetings

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh dear

Yeah that's me back after mottles of months of silence. Sufficient reason not to give out any reasons as for why the B-ig silence as I lead such a big secret life...

Just read the most sincere kind of garble, kinda from the northern side of the world and kinda lost in some transfixed translation...or something. Let me quote the words of Brother Tobias: "Today Brother Tobias is a little babelas."

Again? Was that what we said the last time? Hmmm, ja, how can one forget the blip of Christmas 2000 and knick-knacks paddy-wax on their heads? Don't we all know family or friends like that and we all die to know why our friend at 'Through a glass darkly' so staunchly have to defend the Scottish pride and tradition re. The Water of Life?

Well, what I'm on about sounds a wee bit harsh, and it would be untrue to send out my nature as "catty". But seeming as as my birthday month passed again, once again unnoticed by most I might just get on a roll here...Hmm-rrr and next year they will all know about, sworn on my ancestors pride and prejudice and kat-toot-y too.

AS said, my comments doesn't matter at all, why should it and who says I am in the mood to share it with strangers or moody anti-Nordian-pole-rudy-Scotts. But of courrrrse I'm not that nasty or kind of opiniated or biase, as to keep you all in suspenders with a hint of melodramatic physcotic neurosis with regards to the comments I have to endure on certain blogspots...

To Brother Tobias I can only say to go write "Twak" on his tummy, if it'll make him feel better about life in general.

And to my audience and staunch supporters I'll just say one more thing: He will write soon again. If only for the sake of grinding his teeth against something, if not ski-poles. My guess is that it'll be all against the French rugby-sense of misdirection or darling English Roses running haywire against an animal enraged Bokke haka...Or Toby raving against his free will of course, along with all others about the sexy Argentinians undying 'don't cry for me song' with their fierce heart and spirit bravery (and pleazzze don't lets mention the Falkland and stuffy English Prime Minister warfare again).

But most important of all I'll let my readers know if there's any more news on the front of Toby's comments when he finally tell the naked truth that truly runs in the story of the Irish/English and more than a wee bit peeved-off Scot.

Till next time
Slante va maha...