Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not a Muffin Girl, BUT...Recipe!

I’m NOT a muffin girl, but this one is great:

2 cups self-raising flower
2 eggs
Fresh or dried herbs, such as chopped rosemary or basil
+- 1 cup of shredded spinach or leeks
Half a packet of brown onion soup or other...
3 cups of grated cheese
Half or whole 250ml tub cream (double or single is optional regardless the consequences)
Salt & Pepper

Gently mix all together to form a sloppy mixture (keep the focus on food)
Scoop mixture into muffin baking tray, smeared with butter so it doesn't stick.

Keep in oven +-30 minutes or less; test with fork checkin if doughy; no tasting yet!!
That's still a surprise in the waiting...

Take out of oven (switch off oven) and taste: should be moist and licky delicious.

Before I put it in oven at 180 centre grade, I sprinkle more cheese and sesame seeds over it.
Diced tit-bits of Bacon go really well
Half finely chopped red or white onion
One tablespoon Pesto
Two blobs of Cream cheese of any flavor