Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shags and cormorants

Someone sent me a comment with regards to my last published junk. Don't try to be smart and guess who it was from but I have to say the response was as expected, quick and well thought through and worth it.

I'd love to write something about those darling black little sea birds who has the unfortunate displeasure of such a four-five letter name. A word that stands not nearly in the shadow of other four-five letter words, of which sometimes gets grossly exaggerated, over-used and more than verbally abused. Perhaps I should think of an anogram to publish with my next letter, but not today.

So I hope to have something intelligent to say about caves and shags when my next addi(c)tion appears here on screen.

Ah, just had my IQ tested yesterday...when last was yours done?

Sincere greetings

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