Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Momma's boys

I stumbled upon a forum on my friendly "friends" network today. Some smart woman named Leaa (double a for affirmative action?) planted the question: Do men have better relationships with their mothers than with their fathers?

The reaction from male and female was interesting,and I could not resist plunching in to.

This is what I wrote:

"What I don't get, is why Mothers are so darn protective over their boys once they get married. All's well pre-marriage, the girl and future mother in law gets on just great and mom even thinks she is really lovely and accpetable. Mom thinks that her son has very good taste. Until this girl marry's your brother and mother's son...

I don't know one mother who gets on with her daughter in law like a house on crackling fire. It's more like watching Dracula when Mom gets into a flare over one or another thing...about her daughter-IN-law.

My mom said she'd never be like my dad's mom...until my brother got married last year. To tell the truth, my dear mom has been acting very similar to my gran who used to be the virtual mother-in-law from hell (sorry granny).

Only much-much later in life did my grandmother accept my mom, by saying "If it weren't for my daughter-in-law, my son would have become a ho-bo". Cheers to that.

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