Friday, May 29, 2009

Limes and Wire

Does anyone know something about other people stealing into Internet Servers at home? A worrisome and complicated business.

"What world are you living in?" You're asking me. Answer is I'm not sure anymore.

Also, does the word "Lime Wire" mean anything to you? Where do I check for Lime Wire (apart from the fact that I know its somewhere on my PC)? Please explain this to an Internet-challenged person. It bogs my brain into a bunch of crunced chicken-wire as to why some greedy others can't keep their sodding sly minds out of other peoples legally purchased stuff.

Does it shed light on the question if I leave the computer on overnight? Well, the "ON" sound (like a evil little insect) will drive me insane if I do. I try to sleep at night and am too worried about the battery giving in or blowing up - it has to be on charge all the time when I work on it now. So the answer to that is "No".

The other thing is: that Mars story being as big as the Moon was a HOAX. Damn...

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