Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Entering a Roundabout yesterday, the following happened:

A Volkswagen appeared suddenly to my left. The VW and its driver nearly nose bumped my elegant little VW. The outraged driver stuck his dark face out of the window, swinging his fists in the air and shouted with uncontrolled anger:

“HEY-YYY!!!!!!!!!!! You must wait there!!!”

I was so surprised that I simply drove on. The place where I intended to park was nearby and as I got out of my car I was ready to irk this idiot back into his car with the full truth of how roundabouts actually are supposed to work. But the bulldozing VW had disappeared.

I would like to know since when does traffic to the RIGHT give way to traffic from the LEFT? Why does traffic from the LEFT these days seem to have the right to shout abuse at oncoming traffic from the RIGHT? The results are often very confusing with the right driver left in a dumb stupor for being told-off about something they correctly deemed the right thing to do. Left in the dark about their legal road rights, that is to enter the roundabout first, they end up doubting whether they may have been left in the dark re. Some new legislation to the left, or if they perhaps might not have been in the right lane. The driver with the right of way may even then consider the fact that they may not be in the right frame of mind to even drive a car, or any other vehicle. Or wondering if they received the right driver’s license and not the one that Sipho with only one right eye left, have failed and then left at the traffic department after some bribing took place, which in turn has been left in Mr. Wright’s post box.

My opinion is that left-hand-swinging morons have some condition linked with schizophrenia when they enter circles, pushing their butts right in where they ought not to. I think that circle-dimwits charging from the LEFT should RIGHTLY be banned from our roads and roundabouts - just stay home.


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