Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today I learned about something in my life.

I have been sharing my life with a ghost of some sorts. Impossible to give this thing a name, I have named it Ghost. I never realized until now, at the ripe age of thirty two just how the existence of this nameless ghost has crippled me and the pattern of my life. Over the past months, maybe years even it has become a real menace. It constantly follows me. It hovers and peeps over my shoulder. Dictates what I should and should not do. Make me feel unworthy and helpless and worst of all it, I feel imprisoned with it in a very lonely thoroughly sealed vacuum.

I’ve had it with Ghost’s constant nagging and tugging at my sleeves and yapping at me heels. I don’t want its frittering presence in my life anymore. No more breaking and entering into my life, hopes, emotions, and sleep when I turn and toss in restless dream-dilapidated limbo.

Ghost was officially retrenched today. It was “fired” and will be going on permanent vacation, leave or whatever suits it best.

I am also going on something... called a Sabitical of the Emotion & Intellect. Going to pull myself together and get priorities sorted. I am going to try and live my life as it was originally intended to be. Follow my destiny.

No more Ghost to blame – at least the weight of that piece of old baggage is gone now. If not hearing from me too often, my friends won't feel insulted - they surely will understand.

I am going to turn this hermit life into something with a wee bit more flair, color and tranquility.

And Bugger Any Adversities…

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Brother Tobias said...

This sounds like spring-cleaning - except as spring approaches for us, winter creeps in in Cape Town. Good for you (meeste geeste word nooit groot nie). Beste, Brother T.