Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friends from afar

I made an email friend at work; someone who could be virtually ANYONE.

Between Steinhagen and South Africa, we share some friendly banter, sometimes somewhate confusing and on other days a bit more fired up. Which now makes me contemplate all those battle-lines that took place between my great-great GREAT grandfathers and some Nazi hugging rioting frying friends under the African sun...

Let's not dwell on the heroic and sad past of some...Those are days bygone, and boy are we glad they have gone by!

Mr W, is the reserved type. So typical of most Germans. I gather he is fitness-mad like all other Germans, already going bald (guess work) and a grandfather of 10 little Nazis...u-rm...little German angels.

The only facts I have about Mr. W is that he once served in the army near New Castle, near York,near Scotland...

I'll share a line or two with you today, ringing like this:

ME: ARe you saying I'm a hell fire??? (gnawing my desk at work)
MR W: Yes, and... I AM A HELL FIRE!!!! (off on a rant, no stopping)

ME: Did you see the email about the boys getting baptised? (cute)
MR W: And there are more ways getting BAPISSED, such as with wine... (crude idiot)

That's correspondence with Germans for you. A great way of improving vocal-bollie-reasoning... I wonder if another Nationality could improve on that?


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