Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fundamental Issues

Colonialists used to be a mix of foolhardy French, Dutch and wot-nots believing in destiny.

Destiny came to the most southern tip of Africa and thus began the stormy history of invading, enslaving and inter-breeding with who-ever happened to be around. One consequence of this behaviour is a coffee colored green-eyed type famously known for the saying "Your mother’s ***" and proudly referring to themselves as "Hotnots".

There are a couple of names for white South Africans: Colonialists, Boer, Kafferboeties, Dutchmen, etc. An altogether strange sound had been added and in recent years became the known chant “Kill the farmer, Kill the Boer”.

Since I am in a fragile frame of mind, following a weekend of screwing the cork, it may be a good idea steering away from sounds of war-cry. But I recently discovered an old saying which originated in Kenya. Surely older folks will know about the "Rock-spider”?

Ever the innocent, I learned its meaning when as usual, it was too late. A close friend laughed her head off when I recited an episode of being called a Rock-spider and asking if she thought there was a sinister meaning behind the word. I received an elaborate description of the real meaning, between gulps and sniggers. When she finally looked at me expectantly, I felt deeply miffed. Insulted, deprived and robbed of something called 'my pride'.

A tit of a Redneck had called me a Rock-spider. Sly beast had cast bate into my neck of the woods and this former Dutchman-Colonialist had gone straight for it, having no inkling nor any idea...


Brother Tobias said...

It's confusing to us non South Africans, because both terms mean something different to the rest of the world. 'Redneck' as a rural hick, rather than the way you guys use 'rooinek' for Brits, and 'rock spider' for a paedophile, rather than the archetypal Boer farmer. I'm guessing your correspondent meant the latter!

Foofy's Blog said...

Let him dare - will have more than spiders on his case...

Thanks for the comment!