Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tarty Fanfare

What does the word "Tarty" mean, exactly?

Does tarty perhaps mean "Funky"?

- Or something or someone that is grossly funny?
- Or perhaps refer to wording as being brilliant
- Or just someone acting with slightly drunken stupor?
- Or someone overweight from eating tart?

Tarty is not remotely related to the picture of a creamy delicacy or anything else that may cloud the disintegrating and polluted mind. Neither does the word “Tartly” spoil its meaning, as tartly could only sour the mind, speech, taste and the soul.

An indulgent word? Oh Yes! Seductive? That question needs not be answered!

There seem to be a connection with "F" words too:

Flirtatious, Fun, French, Foolish, Ferblungen (all over the place), Foolhardily, Fablesome, Fearsome, Fortunate, Frolicking, Friendly, Fop, Fricative, Funny, Freedom, Fame, Fearless, Flavorsome, Freckles, Foolish, Facilitating, Fortunes, Fortifying, Frivolous and Felicitations (gentility & kindness)...

If one choose, a bulging word could be brought into the simple small act of tardiness. Floccinaucinihilipilification. A big word for a small sparkling act.

Tarty can be a truly human thing as in being a bright spot in a circle of friends - just like that unusual bright spot on the sun's surface.

Tarty could be associated with “Facula” and “fain” as in feeling happy and pleased with the moment. It may rhyme with "Factious” as in being harmlessly seditious and medicine for the heart.

From a Wild point of view, tarty has a significant meaning too:

"Fructuary" meaning a person enjoying the fruits of anything, or frame of mind which makes one waltz to the sound of unusual tunes or making love on tables amongst sharpened knifes and pin-rollers... Taking a walk or "Frescade" amongst gulls and gales high on the edge of a precarious cliff with splendid views.

Tarty can be behaving with “Falcade” as in the motion of a horse throwing itself on its haunches and daring life itself. Anything from “Fanfaron” too, as in mischievously kicking dust in the eyes of sour creams. Playful and harmless boasting or blowing on a trumpet with grandiose, or simply “Fanfaronade”.

Being tarty can improve health and has empowering effects on fragile minds and souls. Gives little splashes of life to or hopes of far-away and distant shores and horizons.

I want to say to those acting tarty: Thanks for shining brightly or Fulgently! In a world which is filled so often with monotony and serious faces, it is a darn fine thing to be and do.

Long live Tardiness in our world...


Brother Tobias said...

If you can persuade an antidisestablishmentarianist in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysililgogogoch that 'tarty' has any meaning beyond the more negative conotations of scrubbers and ladies of the night, and I'll buy you a ticket to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu!

Foofy's Blog said...

Brother Tobias, thank you. Now my noble idea of tartiness have been completely disconbobbledybobbed

Skyraxus said...

Flamboyant (maybe even frisky or frolicsome – to stick with the F-words – ;)) is what comes close to “tarty” for me. Flamboyant in the sense of colorful,
like cymophanous, capriole, calefacient, cabal and czardas but also like caducity.

Again, I enjoyed reading a lot.

PS: Flocci_nauci_nihil_(i)_pilification (should it be “iMplification?”) made it to the top of my “newly learned words” in 2008. Didn’t think “flibbertigibbet” could be bounced. What ever happened to “discombobulated”??