Monday, September 8, 2008

Spider(web) stories

A few friends mentioned that one of my previous blogs titled "Rockspiders" confused them a little. Maybe someone (me) had been lost in the threadbare paths of dewy spider webs and forgot to add a little explanation?

The ever polite and generous Colonial descendant, from an unbroken line of "Rockspiders" four generations later, I will now try to clear up the apparent mystification:

Rockspiders in earlier years was an INSULTING nickname for the WHITE COLONIALISTS SETTLING IN KENYA.

Why using such a description - I really don't know!

It seems this particular spider species then emigrated southwards to other parts of South Africa - where most of them decided to pitch camp and prolong their stay. Some other species did not all together seem to be too happy about this occurrence...

One can easily compare events that followed to an intriguing documentary by Sir David Attenborough appropriately called "Life In The Undergrowth". The Rockspiders started multiplying on the African Continent, thus contributing to a colourful African canvas of hierarchy, history, politics and inevitable fireworks as they were seen as invaders and competition to native neighbouring species.

As for other possible meanings to the word Rockspider: I had a suspicion that it had other darker and sinister meanings as well.

Turns out it does.

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