Friday, September 19, 2008

Embrasser Avec La Langue...or just Snogging

The Language of the tongue - and the French have ever been so robust and romantic.

- Snogs & Bands

A band named "Snog" was formed by Australian musician David Thrussell, along with Tim McGrath and Julia Bourke, in 1988. The band name is a reference to "kissing and cuddling," which, according to Thrussell, symbolizes the Marxist concept of destroying barriers between people.

Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genre(s) Experimental music
Intelligent dance music

Some song names:
Karmic Hit
Black Lung
Dark Side of Berlin
So Fuckin' Jazz

Snog have a snug and cozy ring to it IF executed expertly and with deadly precision.
It is a British slang usage for "French kiss" when the participant's tongue touches the other's tongue (Wikipedia doesn’t say much here) and usually enters his or her mouth (what else?).

Can any kind of snogging match French kissing however?
English: Monk kissing Nun
Italian: Tongue Twister Sustantivo
Spanish: Tongue-in-cheek
Russian: Russian Roulette
English-French: Tongue-tied (adjetivo tímido)

The Web World is like a mega-thesaurus with descriptions of “How To Snog”.
Yahoo Answers!
How to Snog a Pillow
Tongue Trouble
Boing-Boing (?)
Moist lips...
Kissing and Tongue falls out (uh?)
The Ditch And Snog Blog (
and so on...

My idea of wrong snogging:
Frantically poking the tongue down a throat and sucking tonsils like an untidy dentist performing an esthetically complicated root-canal.

Snogging is also known as:
tongue kissing, pash, hooking up, mugging it up, making-out, macking on, necking, getting into, snog, slipping the tongue, popping tongue, sucking face, swapping spit, deep kissing, getting off with, pulling, tongue wrestling, tonsil tennis, tonsil hockey, Frencher (Quebec) and frenching.

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Skyraxus said...

Hmmmm.....nice subject...actually.

However, a gross injustice that not all your tongue tidings were pleasurable ones. Tz, these skewed tongue-twisters, who cause whatsoever Boing –Boing to fall out don’t even deserve your well composed tongue-lashing!

Your “blundering-arsewiping-cheeky-rowdy-butternut-pumpkin of a WEIRDO”-..(did I forget something?...ah, yeah) “cocky”-friend, who sends you an immaculate friend-hug and hopes that all is well with you :)

AAAND who doesn’t know when to stop either ;)

Ah, yeah, I meant to say, I like the new name…