Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sticking To One's Guns

Shortly after I started working at a European machinery company, I overheard staff members discussing “How the guns ought to be packed."

Stiff-necked and –legged I sat on my chair, trying not to keel over from shock. So instead of making a dive, I sat frozen to the core staring ahead into the distant vicinity of where my PC screen was stationed.

Had my ears gone loony - a company trading in guns?!

Alarm bells such as this would GONG soundly and loudly in any law-abiding citizen’s psyche. And such a matter-of-fact discussion! Absolutely mind boggling unbelievable...

Weeks later I discovered during a demonstration, that the “guns” were of a type used when working with resin and glue. It comes complete with cartridges and the whole katooti and plastic tubes which easily can be mistaken for a similar variety from extremely adventurous types of “toy shops”.

I could soon be selling guns too...

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Brother Tobias said...

Hmm. You arms dealer, you! My Uncle once had the press on his tail suggesting that he was involved in gun-running for an abortive coup in Panama. Tito Arias and Margot Fonteyn came into it somewhere.