Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cape Town Storms Aug-Sept 2008

Lately Cape Town has been beaten by severe gales going hand in hand with flooding, High and Low Pressure systems colliding and a mini Tsunami. One can easily think winter arrived only now, on the doorstep of what is supposed to be middle-spring.

Conversation amongst people is as dull as the outlook these days;

It goes:

“Can you believvvvvvve the weather?”

"Not at all! Got work on the freaking roof."

"What, did you say a Leaking Roof?”

“Yeah, but others lost their roofs and pets during the latest storms.”

"Ahh, so stray lost cats & dogs all over the mother city - this is becoming a disaster and humantrian crisis."

"And I floated to work in my car yesterday."

"Really? Guess that happens all the time these days."


“Yet another cold front moving in on the Peninsula."

Sarcastic question: "Only ONE?"

Disappointment: "Oh, that's just GREAT!"

"Wouldn’t say that!"


“Extra-ordinary weather, eh?”

"Unbelievable - all of it happening in Africa..!"

“You surely mean ‘Cape Town’ only?”


“I said, it’s all bloody happening in Cape Town only!”


“Do you think we will ever see the sun again?”

"Well, how long do you think a piece of string is..?"

“What do you mean?”

"I said: How long is a freeking river of string...?!


Two ladies in the shoe repair shop: “My shoe got water.”

"Oh, mine too."

“All this flooding, you know...”

"Floods, Flu, Filthy washing..."

“And other provinces are getting their swimming pools ready.”

“Perhaps its time to consider emigrating."

"Well how will you do that - all roads to the airport are closed and flights diverted to George or Port Elizabeth."

"Oh hell, what's this - Waterworld?!"

"Ja, I'm Gatvol too."

Man owning the shop saying:

"My-my, but aren’t we ALL blossom and GLOOM today!"

Let's just hope that one day in the cloudy future, Spring will bring a rainbow along...


Brother Tobias said...

Talk about living on the edge! Great pictures - and I'm glad it's not just us that talk about the weather! Let's hope you have a better summer than us (should be a dead cert, but you can't tell what's going to happen now. I blame CERN.

The Writer said...

Thanks for the comment on "Dog Parks!" We're doing hurricanes here on the East Coast, but it doesn't sound as bad as what you guys are getting. Hang in there!

Happy wanderings!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Extra Virgin said...

The Writer: I heard about hurricanes being "lined-up" on your side of the world. Exciting world we live in, but sometimes scary so! Nice blog, I'll visit it soon again.