Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dungeons & Hadrian's Wall (2)

Further contemplation prompted me to add a wee bit more twiddeling to the Scots banning the English from visiting a dungeon.

I would like to move onto the subject of:

Hadrian's Wall-

Could this famous wall possibly have been build mainly because a Germanic nation felt compelled to be completely seperated (divorced is a more amicable term these days) from their too-close-for-comfort neighbours? Were the English perhaps threatened by a small and terrifying clan called the Pictish? Tribes that acted simplistic and equally barbaric in many ways.

I prefer to think The Wall resulted from a silly feud of tartan Willies who refused submitting to the greed of sock-stocking-cladding Fannies from the south. Maybe the Anglo Kings who bathed in dog-rose-willow-bay had nothing better to do than tempting and pestering Pictish Clans that stubbornly clang to their rightfully claimed rambling rose territory? Who would have guessed a simple Romanian Wall would bear so many thorns?

But, let’s not stray too far and ponder the English fragility.

Must say I don't blame some English for treating golf as the latest biological threat. Would it be the sport itself or the inventor behind it that makes more than some English folk boiling red-hot and refer to it as the most idiotic boring sport ever invented? I can see that one might need a certain pre-disposition of gene pools to understand the ideology and synchrony of pitching a ball into a hole. To find joy in only that...

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