Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Nose & Inglish Brambles (3)

While in the throws of Inglish and Scottish contemplation I feel compelled to draw a grand finale to topics discussed previously:

The Dungeon and Hadrian's Wall:

A quick ramble of "The Nose" and "English Brambles”...

So The English goes all pettish and snooty at the mention of haggis, but seem to throw all caution in the wind pretending they have a "nose" for the Scottish Water of Life. Both delicacies have a mighty kick like a mule, and doesn't look like frog legs on the table.

Would it be seen as an insult to wonder if the Anglo-Saxonized nation suffers possibly from a disorder born from a decrepitating jealousy towards their friends north of Hadrian's Wall? Finding themselves on the "less fortunate" side of The Wall apart from Dover's White Cliffs?

That brings us back to the question in the beginning: Why so often feel they're hard done and fully obliged to complain more than any other nation? Changing with the blink of an eye from gloomy murderers into pristine saints smiling down on all things alive when life seems favorable all of a sudden. Transformed sulky beasties becomes boasting beasties (idiots) - quite extraordinary.

Perhaps the Scottish Dungeon carries a magnetic attraction for The English: Something similar to do with a stray dog or feral cat marking someone elses' territory. Too primitive for me though, doing all that marking of my presence all standing up, holding onto something cold, wet and slippery in the dark.

So alas: Did St Columbus leave a legacy of Pictish AND Germanic seed sprouting once more on both sides of Hadrian's Wall?


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