Monday, July 28, 2008

Scots Ban the English (1)

Venturing into dark dungeons, a British friend opened up interesting discussion.

Tourist attraction bans English visitors in revenge for 1298 battle
A popular Scottish tourist attraction provoked outrage by banning English visitors and destroying 'English' items such as bone china and the works of Shakespeare...

Provocative or not?

Pondering over the subject I run the risk of being banished to a rodent infested Dungeon, either side of Hadrian's Wall, but I am puzzled more than ever before.

Could it be The English have an identity crisis due to their roots bearing a title such as Anglo-Saxon Inheritance? Add to that a nation suffering from the onslaught of perpetrators previously called crusaders, now calling themselves proudly British, when in fact they are nothing less but a mixed bunch of Asian-African-Caribbean-mites.

Sure it must be intolerably hard to be told off by the Scots. Imagine, a thistle telling a rose to back off out of its territory or precious dungeon! Insufferable brutes shouting "Freedom!!!!!" ever since Wallace who now boast over a Dungeon of no value, deciding who may and may NOT visit.

What is it with barbaric Picts to still lust for revenge 700 years later?

Don’t the world and its Scots understand that being of Hemi-, Halve- and Semi-Norman-Anglo-Saxon-Jude-Germanic origins is a curse and cross that nobody else has to bear? Did they forget how The English used to rule and axe (these days sack) ANYONE who dared to breathe or whisper a word or rebellion? What has this world come to be...

Concerning the very latest allure for Dungeons, I will consider buying a murky one north of the borders as it may just become the next Balmoral and Scottish Monument. Something that may bring about an interesting diversion from the usual politics between our modern day Picts and GerManics.

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