Wednesday, July 9, 2008

G8 Summary

Once again we were forced to watch on telly how a bunch of the world's biggest idiots, or leaders gathered around a table. Whether one could call it loitering or brainstorming, I found it pretty hard to remember why they were there. Looking pretty relaxed and cosy in their snug G8 chairs to me. Exactly who would be enriched by suspending words in the air and spending a couple of days a year jibbering in labyrinth circles? Supposively discussing "important" matters such as global warming...To me it seemed to be somewhat of a germ-breeding process to confuse the world even more.

And do these self-made little men and women gods really believe that flashing a dim torch in the eyes of the world, will blind it into oblivion?

I very much doubt that.

Truth is that they will all be gone when the proverbial Paw-Paw strikes the Greenhouse Gas and let all locked up screaming fury loose...

I think it would be much more entertaining to watch how they get stirred up, lifted unceremoniously out of their thrones with certain members at the forefront. Such as Bush and Mbeki gobbling once more a little something, in need of strength. Or twiddling a finger at the world such as Mugabe before leaping over the edge.

So, who is the fool?

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