Monday, October 6, 2008

Exit-Entry of Gate-crashing

Someone said Friday that she would not dream of gate-crashing in the event that she would jeopardize whatever I’ve been up to. It made me think that I don’t like that word of crashing the gate. People should be free to join in festivity or anything that gives reason to celebrate or just have social fun.

It is a term one could imagine going riot amongst a selected group of parties, and not at social parties. For example; The Social Democrats, Labour and Toried Conservatives. (Don't let me insult our own political parties for mentioning an umpire's un-pure existence). Think for a moment - most of the world's cunning political leaders seem to excel in the bone-dry department of Gate-crashing. They give the image of being familiar with various sleazy techniques (wolf in sheep’s rags) that involve blending in with a crowd (mop of sheep) just to gain access to events that they will first and fore-mostly benefit from.

A few traits (or trades) of these blinking gate-crashers:

Avoiding the honest truth (sucking it out of their thumb)
Gaining unlawful entrance to the tax payer’s pocket
Having access to rule and spoil good systems
Politicians saying “f * k all” to the public
Disturbing general and mental peace
Taking up too much of our time on national Telly
Causing general disruptions

These Gate-Crashers also seem to endeavor to combat the common man’s desire to live. Devoid and exploit the commoner of simple pleasures and survival kits: Food, Alcohol and Tobacco... A Political-Mafia who not unlike mean midges, turns the ordinary creature into a fearing creature. One who spends his days outside non-puffing-plush pubs in fear of life-long imprisonment, unfair license disposal or strange disease...

Well, there we are. If not, where are we then?

Mind, AS it is Monday and I do not wish to overstep or -stay any threshold, or step on certain toes, nor have the criminal desire to gate-crash any party rules... I will make a grand Exit right yours fully now...

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