Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Paradox Of Choices

‘Life is full of ...’

The word that jumps to my mind is one that comes to “worldly views” and “people’s ideas of life”.

Today I purposefully tied my thoughts to the meaning behind Choice.

The true meaning of why we make choices escapes me, and perhaps it does so with reason. There may be a hidden meaning behind all the reasoning and making of choices – an answer that may forever slip like sand through our fingers, evades the human mind like running water or a colorful butterfly darting from one flower to another...

We are constantly bombarded by the choice of things and I would like to call it 'Mental Word Processing'.

Tuning in to a discussion on MF some strong views came on air, and none of those made the light shine all the brighter in my little world.

Did Dolly the sheep make a difference?

My child was born gay – if any choice, would I change that?

This is A MUST have...

In order to be a good citizen...

Could one’s past play a role in criminal convictions?

Which diet to crown as the ultimate diet?

And so forth...

Evidence of choices to be made is everywhere around in our personal lives. We see it on television shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Radio shows or questionnaires to be filled out at doctors rooms or before an interview...The choice to say yes or no, be honest or stay quiet about something...

We seem to have a desire to judge most things. Could it be a disease of the mind such as a dis-ease similar to words like dis-quiet or dis-lodge? Weighing things up forever, aren't we? Take an example of choosing to get up or stay in bed all day. Is that a manner of habit made by choice or pressure from the world? Could it be our mind telling us there is no other choice?

Another question (by choice): Why do we hate our neighbor? It so often seems to be us who made up our minds with regards to having no choice in the matter. Poor or soulless victims in this case...What if we found a recipe that would work each time we tried it out – the heading would read: No Choice.

Or if we could Google the word “choice” with the result of only one answer? Would the human mind oblige? I think it would carry on searching in another channel until satisfied with an answer chosen to be content with.It brings me back to the question why the human race seem to be programmed to section life into black or white. Seldom have we opted for gray.

It does seem like an important part of our constitution or psyche (there’s choice again) to inform others exactly who we, little persons are by comparisons, interpretations, differences and decisions to be made...

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