Friday, October 17, 2008

Intellective Thoughts

Many of us wouldn’t dare rinsing dirty washing in the eyes of a cruel and sometimes humorless world, but I feel inclined to share a little literal blip which happened to a family member.

I can’t recall being aware ever before that Alzheimer Disease has a connection with Book-Amnesia. Forgetting which book one was reading the last time one picked up a book to read...

Let me explain. Put aside for the moment any thoughts of book title(s), page number(s) and chapter(s) as in this case it doesn’t matter greatly. In fact, is doesn’t apply at all to the story.

The other human-being who occupies Acorn Cottage confessed last night that she had been set-up by two books lying right there on her bedside table. The one she had finished reading some time ago and the other bookmarked with an unlawful pigs-ear at the top of the current page. Must confess, I do that too.

This person, who I will not name to protect her from eternal shame, picked up a book and after some time of reading ‘a’ book, some very gradual confusion grew in her mind. I understand that after 10 pm disorientation happens slowly and often at this doorstep.

She puzzled over how the female character called Annie could possibly be digging at the same bloody olive-tree and washing-line argument as before with the same obnoxious Italian neighbor. Truth dawned - it can be so unkind in so many ways. I do wish though that I could have sneaked a peek at how the gentility of understanding lit her face. A picture close to angelic serenity before Babel-ic chaos striked...

Without looking she had picked up the wrong book. The folding paper book marking technique doesn’t always sustain its value either and one can easily open another book finished and with pig-ears all over the place.

So, the wrong book had sent her astray with the right one sitting untouched under her nose. Time was certainly ripe to give it a rest and switch off the lamp beside these two pig-tailed and certainly smirking books (if they could).

On this note: Maybe there was something strange in dinner that night because I recall opening my book and immediately a new under-aged guy entered the scene in the crusial act of unzipping his trousers. Mama Mia! Shocked I slammed the book shut thinking how the equally under-aged female figure did not allow any grass (let alone vipers) to grow under her little feet... Turns out I opened my book two and a half chapters on from where I had stopped previously.

...with no idea that events would take such an angular turn...

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Brother Tobias said...

The other humane bean in Acorn Towers isn't alone. I'm regularly fooled by new editions of books with different covers, and sometimes get quite far into them, with an uneasy sense of deja vu, before I realise I've read them before. Poses a logistic problem too; to shelve them together, making me look stupid, or apart, making me look disorganised?