Monday, October 27, 2008

Poo(d) Of The Year


I’m pretty much NOT of the baking or pudding variety, apart from the love to occasionally stir up a ROAST somewhat equal to a proverbial Great Karoo-Storm.

BUT I accidentally stumbled upon the easiest ever dessert pudding for kids and grownups, and would like to share it right here.

Which reminds me of one balmy early summer evening with a hazy sunset and strolling across a harvested rapeseed-field with my friends. We were going to visit their local Kentish pub aptly called “The Black Horse Inn” or something equally dark and sinister. After a pub meal with the contents now a vague memory, the flirty French waiter misunderstood my question about whether they had any great “puds” on the menu that could be recommended to a South African chic.

He seemed in ordinary ruffled and a little more than astonished with his mouth slightly agape for a few seconds. We all looked at him, waiting for his response when he seemed to make up his mind and asked “You want a POO???”

In the light of such confusion, I can only say “The poor chap can’t help it he is French” and have often wondered if he expected my reply to be something in the line of “guarde loo!” as a warning sign...

With compliments herewith, an EXTRAVAGENT Ice-cream PUD Recipe:

One tine condensed Milk
One tub cream or 300 ml
One Nougat (optional)
One BIG or small grated dark chocolate

Whisk cream and fold into condensed milk in a tub, add chopped nougat pieces, grate chocolate over and freeze for 4 – 6 hours.

I think anything will go with it, even cherries, nuts or a drop of good old whisky...

ENJOY and have a SUPERB WEEK!!!

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