Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kinship or..?

I have an ungodly fear of the Arab race.

And am forever grateful that I will probably never have to deal or ask one to translate for me. Because I am too scared to visit the Arab countries.

Arabs, that dark-skinned and shrewd nation, forever sketches haunting images in my mind of sables, barbaric screaming & galloping after innocent people, greedy and sharp clawed fingers with dirty nails, beaky noses with gold rings, cruelty unheard of and revolting oily moustaches and the list continues… Oh, and don’t forget that ghastly picture of woman-stealing-raping pirates under a wide Arabian night sky. Nothing remotely romantic attached to the vision.

Don’t quite understand why I so adored the childhood story sweetheart called Sinbad. I even named a pup after him… Could be that little Sinbad had not yet grown a beard at the time and I shiver to think what BIG Sinbad would look like now as a grownup hard-stubbed fearsome Arab legend.

Captain Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean would probably wet his socks should the unfortunate pleasure befall him to set eyes on an adult-version of Sinbad.

Many grownups harbor strange fears for certain human races. The Chinese for example can induce a holy fear by some, and others are freaked out by things like clowns.

Do you have an unreasonable fear of such things or people?

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Brother Tobias said...

Mothers-in-law, people named Desmond, pit bulls, brown envelopes, celery, Maggie May, men in white coats...