Monday, March 2, 2009

Office Palaver

Office life can sometimes be looked upon as a soap opera. All the kings men and queens going about killing, winching, scheming and decapitating one another with blood spilling all over the place (in a metaphorical sense). It so reminds me of the mother-of-the-son versus daughter-in-law scenario; nobody will give way to another.

I work for an impossible German entity, as you already know. Friday the employer (never a boss) decided to let off steam on his ‘useless’ and unsuspecting P/A. What makes employers think they have the power to talk to an employee in a manner of trash? I quietly stood my ground, and out of the blue the imbecile quoted that I don’t greet the office.

I’ve wondered when the paw-paw would hit the fan in this air-condition-less hot hole… Lately two females in the pack of wolves decided to stop greeting me. It suited me well as I can’t stand false pretence, but unfortunately the big nosed boss feels his wife and her adder friend does not quite deserve my rejection.

My instant (cheeky and fed-up) short reply was: I’m only returning the favor.

Oh boy. He puffed up and nearly exploded.

Oh really?

Yes, really.

I left the office in a silent huff to drive home stuttering aloud some type of Turrets code. I suppose sometimes one feels just too indignant to say much at all. Got home and finished a whole brie cheese in no time, swallowing the bitter bile down with a good measure of good wine. It helped a bit. But to keep angry tears away I looked across the lawn at the weed that seemed to be loosing their fight against the addiction for flowerbeds. I helped the poor weeds by getting themselves forcefully removed from the sulking powerless flowerbeds. And felt a lot better for it.

An eye opener to me was how harsh and prejudiced remarks can tear Friday Peace into tattered and bleeding shreds waving in the wind.

One must watch out for the nettles and thistles in this life and not allow them ever getting too close. But sometimes, only so rarely, some of the thorns do catch one unawares. My resolution is that I will not dwell on stinking sewerage pipe manners, but concentrate on the fresh, living and drinkable waters of life.

PS: They don't say for nothing In vino veritas...

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