Monday, March 2, 2009

'Anatomic' Matters

I realize the seemingly odd topic of shoe-sizes could seem weird on a dull Monday. But remember, Mondays are odd in itself. For the moment, don’t think about shoe-fetish or any other connotations to shoes and feet – only size.

Then, if the Monday mood doesn’t completely suck and you feel you can cheer the day into something with fun and funny things…feel free to corrupt our minds with more than smelly feet, cheap plastic work-coffee and the pleasure of work.

Asking a colleague the size of his wife's feet, he hesitated... He thought and thought and stuttered something between a number 5 or maybe a 6. He gave up altogether knowing his wife’s shoe and slipper size.

With quiet amusement I returned to my desk and puzzled at how many men actually know the size of their partner’s shoe?

Do you?

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