Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Devious ol' me

Just got asked, to my surprise, by a REPUTABLE fellow blogger if I really had thought he had written all of THAT stuff in one of his topics.

Come to think, are bloggers a reputable species at all?

Anyway, being in a friendly-sarcastic mood, this hyperactive ball with ants in her pants told blogger-friend she had made some 'friends' on that particular day due to ill humor. Told him also how correspondence had gone in the direction of a drain after I had learned I was to receive a gift in the shape of a wine bottle:

Me: Frost nipping at your toes eh?

German: Nipping my whatsit, more likely

I just knew something’s wrong with you

Thank you v.much. who needs friends????

Oh dear. Did I hurt your feelings…again?

Maybe my odd sense of lavatory humor stinks…but I so love to send a draft down the corridor.

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