Monday, February 9, 2009

A Balmy World

Did I tell you how single chics get down to perving without the guilt-factor that so often accompanies our male counterparts? Well later, I’ll tell you later but first onto serious matters…

The raging fires and icy storms across the globe pull at the hearts of many-many people such as the ones who read or only hear about it on the telly. The havoc caused by nature calls the world to an instant halt of sorts – resulting in silent or bewildered contemplation mixed with compassion and a feeling of helplessness. On my part, the feeling that I could do more even if only to make flasks of coffee, soup or sandwiches. So this year I may just get round to joining the local fire-brigade (for the right reasons).

On a balmy Saturday evening, a barbeque fire crackling under a thundry outspan, I looked across the darkening valley. Nature and human folk in several places across the country holding in breathe, anticipating the slim chance of fat raindrops splashing on a hot earth, bringing some relief.

And further a field, lives were torn apart by sheer desperation as they watch helplessly how a raging fire destroyed their livelihood and loved ones.

This morning, I took a moment to ponder the unimaginable terror of such destruction as is currently unfolding in Australia. Silky cold shivers go rampant on my arms as I think of tragedy, accompanied by death. I think of the many lives lost. My mind reverts to another continent and I wonder about the 200 odd people rescued in Devon, hampered on route by snow storms. Many young birds, for example robins, blue-tits and chaffies often don’t survive such icy spells. We don’t even want to touch the subject of torrential storms or cyclones such as the one that recently hit Madagascar (not caused by the penguins, but perhaps global warming).

My thoughts skirted to our own country which so often faces extreme weather conditions. The result of bravery and new bonds created between different lines of society often fails to raise eyebrows. I wonder why we so often prefer the terrible to the triumph, the sadness to the Brightside….The past few days had caused havoc on farms and communities, resulted in the loss of livestock and smoke inhalation... I take my hat off for all those people around our world who have made it their plight to save, rescue and to risk...

Now, how do some chics manage to find the light in the dark of dust and ash? A fire once rolled dangerously down the slopes of our backdoor mountain-side. Within minutes though, heli’s hovered above our heads and firemen spread like fleas across the fynbos cliffs and crannies. They carried torches and fireman-wotnots with them, visible in yellow cladding.

Then a brilliant idea was sparked as one of us ran into the cottage and brought out a pair of binoculars! I told you, nothing beats the thrill of a back-garden-pervert following the drama of real events, with real men, right on their very own doorstep…

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