Wednesday, February 25, 2009

...and Splatters...

A friend from a half-frozen land afar posted a bottle of Spanish wine out to me. With his boss who is soon to arrive in CT.

Great having a few friends across the globe, with the unlikely chance of ever meeting. Just think, it may save one severe embarrasment or having to bear with revelations of immeasurable disastrous proportions. Follow the trail of my thoughts?

Well, example of the odd chance meeting:

Friend could be bald… with such a bald head, it would straight-away distinguish him from the rest of the world. Other than the fact that he could be one of the dippiest people too, one can imagine friend’s bald head to be similar to a dippy nature to suffice...

Must confess, the following was once written by me: “And one can take a fairy across mainland to the Isle of Skye.” Agh what to say? Dippy guppy at the best of times.

Distant friend was terribly impatient, asking if I actually got the headlines of this supreme bottle to be air-borne all the way to South Africa. Such is our European friends or perhaps the frost was nipping at some peoples toes or wassits this morning…

Trouble between you and me, is that I am to be expecting a Spank-la-dish bottle from Germany. Unusual indeed. And don't get me wrong, I am DEFINITELY NOT UNGRATEFUL! Just curious.

Could the frail German vineyards not have survived the recent black frost and snow? Ah, not as hardy as our own strong vines then. Is German friend just maybe a wee bit ashamed of German wine? Well e-r…if not originating from the Rhine Valley…then…well snobby cultured (cultivated senses) me.

Their goodies frozen and ours on fire. Pffhfff…What a world of opposites. Come to think. Ought I to wait for this particular Spanish medicine to reach a golden age or simply uncork and dive in?

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