Thursday, February 12, 2009

The thing about jelly-tots

I just asked a colleague to go & get me some jelly-tots.

Yesterday it was chips.

Fat chance if you get any ideas, as chances are about as slim as snow falling on Table Mountain this time of year. Easier to get pollen stuffed up one’s nose, actually…

The youngster colleague asked what I want to do with a BIG packet of jelly-tots.

(Well e-r…)

I’ll eat it. My sister once stuffed tots up her nose though.

Really, and what happened to her?

(A bit of thinking)

Well e-r, my sister turned into a blond

Heh. And what do you mean with that?

I don’t know. She stuffed it really deep, until it began to melt…eventually.

The danger of sweeties...

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