Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The sweet-sweet Sound Of Music

If you ever wonder about sudden bursts of blogs arriving at once. It is my weekly report of Blogs on News24. The latter a wee bit more accessible...

Now. The landlord couple got their ten year old son a complete set of drums.

This serves to improve his coordination skills. Must pay off because the initial hesitate sounds radiating from the garage have upped its speed and noise drastically over the past months. Faster and louder, sometimes not just a wee bit franticly so.

And boy, does it hurt. Right through my scull to the bottom of my pituitary gland and whatever is hiding behind that.

I know that music apart from his physical disposition drove Mozart mad. Suppose it is just not possible to exorcism the devil out of a beautiful piece of musical instrument? It would be like a sexy saxophone without sound and a piano without a pianist…

But these drums… I’m bearing with it for now. But should I ever become addicted to taking anaesthetizing drugs with wine (keeps the doctor away) and music – which and who to blame?

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