Monday, February 16, 2009

Explicit versus Old Fashioned

Fellow Blogger ‘Melodrama’ on the News24 Blog-site suitably touched upon a very interesting topic. Vulgar language…

Some novels are fun to read, until I’m midway through some surprisingly sex-manic scenes which seem to take it all out of me. It makes me blush and slam the book shut in company, as if I am some porn-starved sado who tries to hide my obsession.

And I cringe at the very thought of ever writing novels with crude, filthy and repetitive blasphemous language. Why is it that such banal stuff continuously pops up in sitcoms, movies and books?

I’m not referring to the odd occasion of mischief in real life or books; lifts, drains, underground, airplane cupboards, broom cupboards etc.

To be compared to naked and clothed:

Let’s take a woman dressed in next-to-nothing and another dressed elegantly in next-to-nearly-nothing.

The one with too much make-up and the other with subtle splashes of make-up.

The swimmer guy bulging with 'goodies' in his ‘ouch’ speedo and the guy hiding his bulding goodies with trendy old-fashioned trunks? (Well, come to think. This sensitive point may be a debatable matter...)

Isn’t more interesting to leave certain things to the imagination?

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Brother Tobias said...

I don't have that problem, as I buy most of my books second-hand, which means they fall open at all the rude bits, and I can read them on the spot without buying. Plays havoc with my speedos though.