Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drugs or Coffee

Reading friend BT's blog, I could not help but smirk...e-r laugh a bit.

The British are indeed a nation that I had come to love for the following:

Wicked, wicked and wicked sense of humor (I would love to spell it wicket as for hitting the target spot-on)

Their obsession with black, toilets and the weather (forever)

Their brilliant authors and films

Their love for anti-fox-hunting marches on bitter cold winter days

(I could have been arrested at Heathrow with my profile on Police-file)

Their love-to-hate passion towards their politicians and education minister in particular.

The manner with which they eye all USA & Israeli activity with curios suspicion

BT wrote about ducking out of the way of falling airplanes and how he once came upon a stack of coffee packets dropped in their neck of the woods, from a plane. Many weeks later he came upon the story how smugglers disguise drugs as coffee packets, so BT headed up the hill as fast as his legs could carry him. To find the nearly disintegrated packets, full of ground coffee.


This gets me to thinking that Africa has indeed become a…curios country in itself. Say, if something similar played if off on our continent, what do you think might have happened?

This is my theory:

Sound of falling airplane; stash falling from the rear of plane onto a hill

Stampede of mass proportions heading and heaving upwards towards the accident scene

The ‘big trek’ tramples over the dead and half-dead bodies strewn across a field, unfazed by the sight of death. ..

Bags with powdery contents and cigarette boxes ripped open

Unprecedented grabbing and looting at whatever else hands and mouth can find

...And one stupid fool goes and lights a cigarette


Brother Tobias said...

Sounds all too plausible!

(BTW, you may not have been aware of it, but you were marching for the anti-antis, not the antis).

Extra Virgin said...

Oh shit. Really? These Brits with their do's and don'ts, it's and nots...

Drives me insane.