Thursday, March 19, 2009


And the winner was…

Ma-ladies and gentlemen,

Today I am of a mind not to twitter about twat, but inform you of the very long-awaited good NEWS that has hit home: so much so that I have not even considered popping more jelly tots or champers (yet).

Today, I will officially resign from the ghastly job – the german mafia will soon no longer have any power over me anymore.

Shudder and sigh of relief.

The search and waiting period is over and it seems that I was headhunted and found. That makes for a change.

The waiting to hand over my LETTER OF RESIGNATION (smacking lips with a schmuck grin) however is somewhat of a disappointment. It is agonizing. Every few minutes I experience heat-flushes and unpleasant heart palpitations. Curious, because it is not dissimilar to the symptoms of someone falling in love.

I’m not in love… with the mafia. That we all know.

Counting the hours will be counting every day of the next 14 long 24 hours.

Pray for me.

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Brother Tobias said...

Gosh, congratulations! I'm assuming the new opportunity is a cert? Take my advice; stop yourself from speaking your mind; it only gives a temporary satisfaction, makes anyone who's still there feel bad about themselves and hate you, and burns bridges. But celebrate!