Thursday, March 19, 2009


Driving from work and doing what most women do (patching up make-up whilst trying not to drive over squirrels), I headed to the place where one sip fermented grape-juice undisturbed and with a broad view across the ocean…

Oh you know I feel exhausted writing all that. But it is a tiresome business that lurks behind my thoughts this morning. And why, you ask, is a chic like me so deep and gravely serious on a sunny, cool, somewhat blasting easterly morning?

Because I acknowledged a sad fact driving to my sundowner place. It revolved about the small word "laughter" and happy thoughts. The absence of those two hit me hard near the Shell garage and opposite an old age home. I came to think how grim one often feels and how terribly sad or pathetic it must seem to the outside world. So unsmilingly sad that it could turn other drivers into DEPRESSION and send them straight into a lamp post or tree perhaps…

It struck me how terribly and unwantingly sad one often goes about a day of work. Nine hours spent in a world which is plastered in the grime of seriousness which leaves some of us alone amongst strangers and to fend for one's sanity, dignity and the self.

It baffled me as I became aware of the existence of muscles in my face as I suddenly smiled at my very own thoughts. It felt as if I awoke from a very bad dream as the smile spread even wider. It also felt as if my face was about to crack. And nearly choked at feeling life returning to a rather stiffened mask called my face.

How insane it is living a life without laughter. Real, hearty and happy laughter which can be shared with those one have to share each blessed day with.

Today, remember that it could be your last or first day to do some laughing. Make those facial muscles work; it keeps wrinkles at bay too.

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Brother Tobias said...

Quite right; work can be shite. Laughing is Mankind's way of baring its teeth at life's challenges.