Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Groggy mornings...And a gloriously rolling morning to you!

External factors can play a huge role in mornings, you know. Especially those chemical feeling-good hormones that takes their time to kick in and start up like a lackluster rusty grossly abused old tractor.

To name a few culprits in my morning life:

Eyes puffy, face plastered with too much hideous make-up to stuff up an unusual paleness and unsightly blue circles…I wont achieve the serene beautiful looks of a Madonna today. For some unexplainable reason I am dead on my feet. Spring-chickens like me should be jumping with joy and energy so something doesn’t tick. Surely?

There is the illness for work I have to cope with. Dreadful. I have so many work related allergies and too many to name. Such as dysfunctional photocopiers, static PC’s, work mugs & coffee & milk, the telephone (argh), nasty witches flying around me below the dreadful fluorescent lights, the boss and his fishwife (I can imagine this entity slaving & screaming at everyone in a crowded hot Portuguese fish & chips shop)… My system seems to have developed an incurable resistance against all anti-histamines available on the market. Time to switch to something else? A strong antibiotic to get the antibodies fighting for survival again, or turning to a bottle of ‘water of life’ such as uisge beatha? That is whisky, by the way, okay.

While we’re on the topic, can one ask to be send home from smoke congestion? Once again we’re surrounded by runaway veldt fires and a lot of smoke that weaves it way through our valley. It seems to get trapped around our heads and backdoors. This invading smoke comes all the way from Kommetjie, Joostenbergvlakte and Botrivier. Where is this place?

Fires, wind, dams that are bursting at a 99 % and yet some poor southern suburban folk are wildly fined for watering wilting gardens. And continuously stalked by Lesotho-hat-wearing (I have seen them! Their big secret is out) bush-sitting speed cops lounging around the Kirstenbosch and HB Spar area. That’s a new way of getting the work done, eh.

I also suffer from apparent lack of sleep. 8-Week kittens are programmed and entitled to have happy-jumping hours amongst the bed linen and its sleeping inhabitants. This happens at all hours during the short night: 01h25, 03h30, 03h55, 06h30. Today the little buggers gets to sleep it off whilst this poor idiot feel deprived of much needed rest. Do you think people start seeing and hearing things due to lack of sleep? I just get grumpy.

So all in all, I’m entitled to have sundowners out somewhere tonight. I’ll be hitting the road with screeching tires and it’ll probably leave unsightly marks in front of the workplace. Tough on them, because that is what the neighbor’s dogs do to our lawn all the time.

So I guess I’ll be doing the morning-noon-night thing all over again…

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