Thursday, January 22, 2009

Irksome Adulterous(?) Mischief

The following goes back to the year 2005 - 2007 - R.I.P

An ex boyfriend 'A' recently started a relationship with someone I used to know. A shocker to me, alright, because this is a woman I considered to be a friend during the time I knew her.

Only close to the end of my relationshiop with 'A', was I told that this woman had often hinted that she would cheat on her partner because she had a thing for ‘A’. Drooling cheating biets.

Yes, my claws were out...Because, how dare she try her luck with my boyfriend at the time? We had a two year (too) long realtionship, one which I ended late in 2006 because…because… One just realizes things won’t work.

Thinking about what ‘A’ told me recently, I’m completely irked. I have a mind of sending him the telephone bill which had rocked my budget right accross the universe. Because dear friends, all I had to do was LISTEN. To ex boyfriend ranting about himself, this woman, them, their misfortunes, his bad luck, the bastard ex of the woman...

And all I could think was: The last thing I want to hear is who and what my ex boyfriend is currently shagging.

Like most people, the thought of exes and others together isn't very attractive.

The partner that this woman used to share a house with for a couple of years had to move out. In fact, he is kicked out.

It gives ‘A’ free access to the house. The scmuck gets it easy...

The woman decides she wants ‘R’ back in her life. Poor old ‘A’

Woman wants ‘A’ back, dear poor old ‘R’…

Woman doesn’t seem to know what she wants; and so on… Screwed up? I think so.

It bugs me that two people I knew, can destroy someone else’s happiness on a whim, just like that.

I always thought 'R' and I had more in common than 'A' and I. Perhaps both 'R' and I missed something.

I may very well have been stringed along like a fool. Love makes real fools of us nice, decent and trusting idiots sometimes…

Sentencing the guilty:
How can one understand, have time or respect for such unbelievably insane behaviour?

This is the sort of thing that happens in small Scottish or other villages. Everyone has slept with someone’s ex or current partner. Maybe the villagers aren’t stimulated enough. Due to working on the fisheries, local shops, pubs and on yachts, they don’t often get out and in touch with the outside world. A certain social scene is set and bred and it seems to steer towards sheer dark drops that leads to no good.

Death Sentence:
Well, yesterday I received a note from ‘A’ that he nearly died during the last couple of days due to a burst ulcer.

Oh dear, how awful. Poor thing. So all these latest escapades had left him feeling ‘disenchanted’?

Well fuck (sorreee), I don’t care. I’m sorry for his bad health which I often warned him to keep an eye on…but frankly, it’s no longer my problem.

It was my thoughts yesterday, still is…

I am done with the past and a village gone bonkers with villagers bonking one another...

I pressume such thoughts mean I've moved on.

That is when one knows that one is in a very-very good space.


The Sagittarian said...

Have just found your blog via Brother Tobias. I have to say when I read this particular post it struck a chord with me. My ex started a relationship with my best friend. Albeit many years after my ex and I had parted. However, my "bestie" and I were still very much current. The real irriation for me was that she decided to lie to me about it all. trust gone. Ergo, friend gone too. It's a merry mess eh? :-)

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