Monday, January 12, 2009

In The Ditch

A fellow blogger on the SA News 24 blogsite asked ‘what’s in a name’. It came to mind how I once scoffed at what mine could stand for…

My name is Carin. Not Karen OR Carine, just plain Carin with a “C” and the “I” and pronounced as Car-In-The-Garage. Simple, one would think, but not so to some beings who seem to be really slow getting it.

So having a conversation with a newly married couple in a pub of small Highland town called Applecross, it threw me into gob-smack disbelief when my boyfriend at the time, took over from the usual description saying aloud: It’s like "Car-in-the-DITCH".


On the way back to the dingy B & B we stayed at, I nearly fed him to hungry heilen coos (Highland cattle).

By the way, being back at the humorless job today and it SUCS. Any other bollocks might be more acceptable than this trade with the soul-wrenching tight-lipped mafia...

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