Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just the other day we discussed how words sometimes go riot as it comes out sounding all wrong. Causing minor embarrasments. This caused a bit of a stir and a giggle with a story or two…

Such as the time long ago when I asked a diner if he did not want to eat the soup in front of him, to which he replied solemnly: No thank you. But you can eat it if you want. Turned out it was a bowl of water to wash one’s hands after a splendid meal of spareribs.

Another time my sister did a finger prick (how else to say?) on a patient to get a blood sample. It (the needle) slipped too fast and hard through the unfortunate patient’s skin. In a flurry she said: I really did not mean to stick a finger in your hole! No surprise the all but amused patient replied: I would hope not!

Walking the lovely white beach Saturday morning, I commented to sis that some surfers seem to be really something to look at. Wouldn't it be nice having one of those... Wanting to say that a surfer could ‘surf’ into her life any time, it came out as: A surfer can service me any time...

What a laugh.

Not thinking, I asked which part she was talking about: the distributor or the plugs… ? Gross details really; and I'm sure a real mechanic would have been able to construct the question slightly more functionary.

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