Thursday, January 22, 2009


This serves as a little precautionary insurance against and in favor of future advances…

I am NOT a straight-turned-into-lesbian wacko who writes stories about sullen blonds celebrating their birthdays.

Blondie is my confused; bless her soul, middle Sissie who believes blonds have more fun. I firmly disagree (Guys, now you know).

It’s bad enough that men turn ‘pink’ so often in my surrounds; not because they’re so sweetly shy or wearing lovely pink shirts. No, because they have chosen to be gay.

I am facing the stomach churning truth as an Capetonian on a daily basis! I am beat and deflated by the rate at which Cape Town seems to grow more and more into a verily fragrant blushing Pink Town.

That does not exclude the Lesbian community. Has it become a trend? I wonder, because lately, we’ve been bombarded by people who seem to have become utterly and profusely confused in the department of their sexual preferences.

I find it terribly weird. How can one go through the whole normal dating scene, marry, have kids…do the whole katooti and undergo such a major sexual change?

Are these people maybe one of the following? Psychic, hormonal, cynical or confused?

I don’t think I can cope with an in-depth look into these sexual matters…

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Brother Tobias said...

Oh, go on, I dare you. (But be sure to keep me posted!)