Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wrote to a friend today, asking: Wàaaat are you taaaaalking about?

Somewhere along the lines I got behind. Then realized with a jolt that I need to get a grip and come back to this life. Note: not to me, but to lilfe going on around me.

The reply to my question, was patient and friendly. Aren't we lucky things to have friends like that?

A lot of people seem to struggle with life and work at the moment - and if they are like me, feel completely out of it. Middle-cross left & right through the 'whap'.

We've lost the plot. Our heads are in a different place. We're not too certain about the direction we're heading into at the mo. Things happen too fast, all at once. Some of which seems so unimportant whereas the holiday memories seem to fade with each day passing...

I'm joining the bitching work brigade. I'm reeling from the shockwaves of being back at work, in the ever windy auld Cape Town. I'm hit between the eyes, where it hurts the most, as to why we always come back. Do we really fancy living a PC and mafia-boss macabre lifestyle?

Sometimes we don't have a choice, though, do we? Or maybe we're working towards something that just seems to be fluttering just out of reach and our begging hands.

I really-really enjoyed the empty space and view from the top. Standing on a mountain with a panoramic view stretching into a soft distant vicinity. I liked watching sunsets and rising early, breathing in clean veldt air and drinking from the gentle whispers of a farm hidden amongst layers of mountain and sky.

I promised myself a picnic with many people by the dam, and to take along binoculars next time. Loved the dirt & dust, feeding the chickens (with disinfected cat-litter instead of grainy shell I promised to import from CT, but forgot to do).

Chatting to my dad in his vegetable garden, taking kiekies, introducing my folks to new cooking tips, learning things and such from them, doing things I never do in my ordinary life.


How about you?

To those who are suffering with regards to anything at the moment: There is a book by James Patterson titled 'Suzanne's diary for Nicholas'

- It gives one a complete new meaning of the word 'Lucky'.

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