Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snug as a Schmuck


No, of course I did naet get it all. And just to be annoying and perverse, I also don't like bran or rice crispies...Doesn't mean I don't like a good hearty full English or Boere breakfast.

But looking at the a different world under the outspan of stars last night, I realised what an old bag I’ve been lately.

Nagging really drags one down and up to a certain point, wears out the listeners as well. Fact remain though that us fragile and sometimes extremely powerful human beings need to crumble or vent from time to time. I usually take this in my stride – going to and fro. That’s why my family believe that quite a bit of Italian-French and Viking explosive oomph and lustre runs in our veins, not to mention some strong German-Scots and Jantjies (of which I’m doubtful, but…) remaining in stubbornnes and neurotic willfulness…

However, I’m consoled in knowing that pavement specials survive and make better pets and pals than fullblood and often disease prone hounds. Mind, I’d have loved to be a pedigree English hunter, or a scruffy Border Terrier (yuff-woof!).

We are after all lucky things. Some like me priviledged to have it on our back & frontdoor steps.

And we are alive.

So I felt at peace for once:

A braai fire lit, mist hovering in the loop between a The Twelve Apostles and little Lions Head

Rain clouds shifting further across the darkening sky, and all but disappearing into thin air.

Lightning: got all excited and a bit worried as I could not see a cloud in the sky. Was a faulty outside light going disco-bonkers. Spooky!

A falling star. I actually saw one for once! This big, yellow perfectly shaped star died gracefully without sparks. I’m sure it wasn’t a flair (I did not have a lot of wine either). It went pitch-black again.

The end of something bright and light…

Salt sea air tickled my face, nostrils and eyes. A sure sign that rain was closing in. No clouds visible yet…

Woke up at 03h00 with the sound of thousands of drops falling from the sky...

Dozing off to be somewhat disrupted by a waking and stretching kitten…


Brother Tobias said...

Something similar happened last year, when my sister-in-law spotted lightning one night and began to ring the neighbours about it. Turned out it was her daughter taking photos of the garden.

Hope you made a wish when you saw the shooting star?

Anonymous said...

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