Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sh*tty Conversations

Times spent with Ma & Pa can be challenging and demanding. The surprising factor however is that there short visits can turn out to be fun and filled with occasional hillarious moments.

Mother and daughters are peculiar beings. They can talk and cook together, admire Mum’s garden and get on marvelously early in the morning… By noon Mum will be scolding Dad to go steady on the vino and not produce raw dinner again whilst the daughter stares irritated down at the drooling dogs littered across the lawn. Ah, a curious fact to doodle and ponder if one happens to have the time.

...But never to quite reach or fathom the bottom-line of mother-daughter relationships.

Mum: You don’t do it like that.

Daughter: Of course you do.

Mum: You don’t.

Daughter: Ma, praat mos nou sommer k*k. (Ma, you’re just talking shit now)

Sharp intake of breathe…

Mum: I would never have said that to my mother!

Daughter: You did!

Mum stalks away angrily, Dad following her to the bedroom.

Dad says: I remember that you did tell your mother...


Mum, exasperated: What???

Dad: That she talked a shitload of bullocks....

Mum: ... Maar dan het sy seker k*k gepraat. (...But she probably did talk shit).


We all love you Mum.

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Brother Tobias said...

Ahh. This didn't need any translation; it's a conversation repeated between mothers and daughters in every culture and every generation since time began!