Friday, December 19, 2008


I’m terribly sorry (not really) if you were expecting a ranting about the wickedly odd movie “Closer” in which Jude Law and Julia Roberts bashfully try to tie and knot skimpy knickers into a macabre twist.

This is about a line I picked up (nothing sexual) in a cell phone guideline this morning. It reads like this:


Do not hold the device near your ear when the LOUDSPEAKER is in use, because the volume may be extremely LOUD...

I know I KNOW! Not remotely as funny or near funny as some other quotes and things, but it did catch my eyes and odd sense of humor. Once I took a photograph of a road sign warning against water in the road. It was planted right in the biggest mud puddle on route to Waenshuiskrans, near Struisbaai.

Did one have to feign surprise at such an informative piece of warning? I wonder.


I’m nearly off now on the long awaited hols and wish you all a bulging sock full of pleasant surprises.


Brother Tobias said...

Tell me about it! We just bought a bird feeder. The box had a photograph of it in use, with a robin and various other wild birds happily perching on it. A note below said, "Birds not included". Duh!

The Dotterel said...

Love it! Like the warning on take-away coffee - contents may be hot!