Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The option of NO CHOICE

See if you get this:

We're all knackered with overdue holidays shuddering in anticipation on the not-so distant horizon. But to my utter joy it seems that the younger siblings (me) seems to still hold the sharper edge of the knife to the slightly older siblings (them) throats...

The other Acorn inhabitant received a post this morning. From me. Which reads like this:

You have a choice of the following:

I send the invite for "Dop & Tjop" to everyone, including the three people whose email addresses you have.


You can send their email addies to me and I will send the whole katooti to everyone all at once.

After a loooooong time, the reply rang: Yes-Yes. Fine. You can send it.

Well, of course I couldn't believe my luck and neither could I resist sending this back:

PS: Did I leave any choice in the matter?


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