Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ahh, the meaning of "odd":

I used to work for an elderly who will be turning a milestone of 93 years on the 26th of December. Whenever I said something she did not agree with, such as having a relationship with one of her family members, she'd say in a very low tone of voice:

"How VERY odd"

Well, that way of speech had become my very own and ...

How odd, I can hear you say.

Not so.

I just heard on the radio that someone else's New Years Party already started.

People are odd things, don't you think?

Some parties are really odd

These voices on the radio are irritatingly odd

Sexual relationships are odd things - far too oddly complicated to understand

My very normal dysfunctional family behaves oddly sometimes

Foreigners are odd

SA drivers are really odd

Mogabe is well past the sell-by date of odd

Life is odd

I'm odd...

Have a verily-merrily Xmas & a bulb-blasting blessed New Year.

That too sounds odd.


Malina said...

Hello, I am a student of Geography at the University of Warsaw in
Poland. I'm working on my M.A. thesis about people in South Africa.
And I would like to know what do you think and what are your feelings
about life in SA :) Would you help me? Please :)
Below is link to my survey if you want help me, thank you!

Extra Virgin said...

I'd like to help, but am away for holidays (no access to internet!).
But if you want, send me a reminder to I may be able to help a bit.

Have a good Xmas