Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beats me too

Challenge a tour-guide with a little devious game? Aye, why not...

Whipping again around narrow single-road tracks in Scotland. Passing the Old Man of Storr (looks like a finger or dick) on route to the famous Quirang Mountains, our quick-witted Scots guide enforced the crew in the yellow “Haggis” bus to each blast in voice their national anthem.

Do you like singing in front of strangers?

He threatened to let anyone who refused off the bus. Aren’t these skirt-wearing clan descendants just blatantly charming?

I nearly told him to get lost amongst the ancient spooky graveyard we passed by.

Luckily South African’s have a mind of our own too, and we decided to comply to his demand.

The Aussies sang:

Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;

The sleepy Mexican guy sang:

Mexicans, at the cry of war,
prepare the steel and the steed,
and may the earth shake at its core
to the resounding roar of the cannon.

The Finnish tree-hugging Anna sang


We sang and the only thing missing was a banjo:

Hoe ry die Boere sit-sit so, sit-sit so, sit-sit-so Hoorah(x 2)

Die Kaapse Klong sĂȘ tiengelieng-tiengelieng hoorrah (x2)

Hoe ry die Boere....bla-blah-blah...

Well. We were met by a hushed silence, looks of disbelief and clueless glances from the rear window and our tour guide nearly and tragically drove us into a deep ditch of unknown depths.

Then the blasted Aussie chick flew from her seat. Swaying and dangling precariously on her feet as the bus took to skidding around another sharp bend, she cried out with little beady eyes all screw-up

“Oh No-no-no, ye cheated! That was naet right.

Needless to say the bus screeched to an abrupt stop and we were asked to sing again or risk a grant exit...


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