Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What makes you freak out?

A friend teaching at primary school mentioned during a happy braai that the most frequent questions she gets are: What will happen to us? What if the world comes to an end?

Pretty big fears and questions for wee ones...

After reading this you will know something about my driving behaviour...

Taxis of all shapes (mostly hammered) that stops right in front of you without warning and swears back at you


Over friendly strangers

Beer Bellies

Sick pets who can’t say they’ve got ticks or where it hurts

Beggars that spit at you when you offer them bread

The thought of old age, disease and dying, perhaps

Having an empty wallet – this fear really hits home

Pigeon droppings on a newly washed car? Or worse, gull droppings. Topping it is the remnants of an ibis meal molding over the windscreen...

Paranoid people or those who believe in aliens and that our ancestors were all lizards

Companies phoning into selling ask a donation or promote a political party – calling you (the innocent party) a stupid cow or b....

Finger-swiping car drivers taking a left at a round-about when they’re supposed to wait or the one’s stopping mid-circle (usually with a foreign number plate).

Loosing everything due to storms or collapsing economies


Rude drivers...again.

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