Monday, December 8, 2008

All Bundled Up

Do some songs or music themes bundle you up into a solitary little hedgehog and carry you away to far places? And dump you in different realms, times and worlds.

I know it’s a dumb clumsy way of saying wots on my mind...

But the subject came to mind as I hung on to the last threads of a good weekend l– tuning in to the Gladiator soundtrack late last night.

The Enya theme song “Now we are free” never fail to hit a deeply buried nerve amongst the layers of my existence. The haunting sounds send spirals of satin silvery emotions right into and over me. So heart-wrenchingly beautiful and poignant, it brings me to the deepest happiness and sadness at once. Music that makes the heart tremor as it touches and soothes and re-awakens something very strange but also close to home. An ancient kind of knowledge that I will never quite fathom neither tire of...

Tunes that lead me up and down narrows and steeps into places of a life so familiar yet untouchable and far beyond my own understanding.

My friends who live in Kent, U.K. has a daughter namely “K”. Her voice is above my own understanding, developed vastly over the years and I can only describe it as stunning. There is endless potential; fresh, strong, beautiful and fragile just like her. She also plays guitar. I think my little “adopted” sister (I’m big sis) is shyly coming out from behind a forest of innocence and growing into a beautiful young woman. Making a reluctant debut in a world holding it’s breathe in anticipation of such an utterly enchanting but elusive being.

I don’t think I’ll be written-off for ranting like this, and if you like go visit her Dad’s Blog (words can’t explain what he is on about most of the time) and hear her tracks:

(Obviously my other fans on News 24 blogs will relish this).

The lyric that really catches me is “I’m gonna haunt you” (Fabienne Delsol) – and I know my sissie’s voice will accompany me again today, carry me through the mundane chores of senseless amounts of work of the non-making-sense variety. I am awaiting a CD of all her own songs now. Mostly wanting to hear the song which her Dad wrote aged 23 about a girl named “Angie” which his 21 year old daughter had turned (or tuned?) into “Andy”.

As said, might have gone down somewhat wrong and weird if Dad wrote in those days about a boy...

I will start writing my lyric requests to Santa then...


Brother Tobias said...

'words can’t explain what he is on about most of the time'

Funny...You're not the first to say that.

Anyway, thanks for the gentle reminder. Only the YouTube ones available at the moment; I'll try and burn a CD of them for you. But I believe there are some more in the pipeline...(watch this space).

Anonymous said...

They are very sweet words about my singing. My confidence is definitely back and after singing my first open mic night I feel ready to do it again!
We will send you a cd and I'm midway through writing 3 more songs so hopefully I'll record those too.
Much love. your little sis 'K'