Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BQE Days

My equilibrium-self played up yesterday. Forget about monthly cycles because you’ll just round in crazy circles. Neither has it to do with the moon being joined by Venus and Jupiter.

This is something that happens without a cause or reason.

I nearly knocked myself out for a count with the car door. It really hurt.

Seemed to attract directionless beasties in a shop as they all seemed to have a need to walk straight into me - however much I tried to dodge a collision...

Managed to break the 2nd last decent wine glass in the cottage with a bulky bag of newly purchased loo-paper

Also managed to add a bleeding cut to the dozen others accumulated over the weekend to my right hand’s pinkie. With a blunt crazy-store knife.

Verbal Dyslexia. Turning around all my words. Can understand why a colleague asked today why I’m so quiet...

Jammed the hose-pipe and when the compression shot the sprayer-head off managed to get myself soaked. No bath needed then.

The microwave forgot that it only needed to defrost stroganoff-beef cubes for three minutes – it all but cooked it.

Put separate types of ear-rings in my ears; something which has never happened before. At least I did not apply mascara only on one eye...

And this morning I thought there were rather a lot of purple bruises (self-inflicted somehow) on my legs...

And the rest of it all, well there were many things yesterday, I've forgotten. Add to the list short-term memory loss. I'll get some zink tablets, if I can remember.

Could being bitten by a spider (note: not a vampire) have caused such un-anesthetized, un-poised chaos?


Brother Tobias said...

All those symptoms are consistent with a bite from the Boplaas Cellar spider. Others include involuntary dancing, regrettable liaisons and kareoke.

Skyraxus said...

Involuntary dancing, regrettable liaisons and kareoke???
Lol, what did you forget to tell me?