Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nosy Rainbows

I'm on the receiving end of odd threads of thought today.

Doo-lally emails are also going around like it is Christmas. Well...

Wots the weatherman saying?

Fog and cold around the Ears

Not cotton clouds?

I think people are allowing their minds to switch off - thank goodness.

The cotton and fog reminds me of a time when I strolled sunny but icy moors in Scotland. This wellie-clad shivering South African chic clambered bravely over fences or skidded over sea-rocks, all the while keeping her chin up with the pretence of inbred-ease for strolling foreign grounds. Took photographs too of sheep and sheds, stark black cliffs and mused over broad sea views across to the MacLeod Maidens (Rocks edging into the skyline) and Tables (two flat top mountains).

At some point someone walking next to me, stopped and peered closely at my nose for a long-long time and said: “My! I can see rainbows!”

It seems that my numb nose had started running in small rivulets and as I did not know or feel a thing about it, a friendly word of comfort was delivered in small dosis of friendly sniggers. Seeing rainbows, eh? It IS one of the greatest features in Scotland, did you know?

Apart from angelic looking but not-to-be-messed-with heilen coos and sea monsters…

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